Discount Waste, Inc. provides temporary solid waste removal and recycling services for construction companies nationwide.

Discount Waste, Inc. has successfully managed over a thousand Home Depot remodel projects across the country. We’ve also managed an intensive CVS rollout project involving the conversion of over 350 store locations in a 3 month period. Discount Waste, Inc. has managed temporary services for a tremendous number of sites from one night remodel jobs to year long ground up construction projects. Our ability to successfully manage diverse projects has proven invaluable to our construction partners.

We offer open top containers of various sizes for removal of non-hazardous materials from your construction sites. 20 cubic yard open top dumpsters are available to haul concrete, asphalt and other masonry type materials. 30 and 40 cubic yard open top dumpsters are available for hauling general construction debris.

Our dedicated staff is available to assist you either by phone or by submission of our quote request. We are available to assist you with making the appropriate product selections based on your specific needs.