The premier waste management company serving the commercial, industrial and construction industries in Atlanta, Georgia, is Discount Waste, Inc. Since 1999, we have helped countless businesses save money while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of operations at their jobsites. How do we accomplish this? We operate at a high volume nationwide and have relationships with more than 10,000 vendors. However, we do not maintain any contracts. This gives use the leverage and flexibility to always find the most reliable contractors and facilitate timely delivery of the best waste management products in any market.

At the heart of Discount Waste’s services is a commitment to always provide our customers in Atlanta, GA, and across the nation with tailored solutions that perfectly meet their needs. When it comes to waste management, we facilitate the delivery and management of any kind of product or service, including:

  • Compactors
  • Front-end containers
  • Open-top containers
  • Recycling services
  • Jobsite Equipment Rentals
  • And more

Discount Waste is much more than just a waste management company. Rather, we are a one stop shop for all of our customers’ jobsite needs. You can turn to us for everything from the rental of forklifts and storage containers to the management of corporate travel, including flight and lodging arrangements. Having our dedicated team deliver custom solutions ensures you always receive competitive prices and that services are rendered in a timely manner. You will also benefit from consolidated invoicing with no hidden charges or fees to simplify your billing.

To learn more about what makes Discount Waste, Inc. the finest waste management company serving businesses in Atlanta, GA, and throughout the country, contact us today.