Proper waste management is essential for businesses in industrial, commercial and retail industries. Improper waste disposal may result in a cluttered jobsite, interfere with workflow and potentially violate local ordinances making a business vulnerable to fines and other consequences. At Discount Waste, Inc. our goal is to provide waste removal and recycling services that perfectly suit the specific needs of the customers we serve. As a completely independent company that operates nationwide, we can partner with the best vendor in any market to provide our clients with convenient, affordable and efficient waste removal and recycling solutions.

At Discount Waste we pride ourselves on providing custom waste management solutions and always developing the perfect cost-effective option for our customers regardless of their project’s location, size or duration. We can arrange the delivery and/or management of:

  • Front-end containers in a variety of sizes
  • Stationary and self-contained compactors
  • Open-top containers of different sizes

Additionally we can manage the recycling of metals, cardboard, pallets, paper and many other materials. Whether you require permanent waste removal services for your retail location or temporary solutions for a construction site, our comprehensive waste management services will save your company time and money. We offer upfront pricing that includes all taxes and fees, as well as consolidated billing to make vendor payments as simple as possible by including all services on a single invoice.

If you are interested in learning more about the waste management services that we offer to businesses throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada contact Discount Waste, Inc. today.