discount waste

Former waste executive, Ed Foye, founded Discount Waste, Inc. in 1999. With over 20 years of experience in the waste industry Mr. Foye has built a solid reputation as a national provider of solid waste removal and recycling services.

Discount Waste, Inc. manages solid waste removal and recycling for customers nationwide. Our customers rely on us to help define the best possible solutions. We take pride in being able to help customers identify their specific needs and we work hard to implement services tailored to each and every situation.

We’ve provided open top dumpsters for small one-night projects as well as services for customers with hundreds of locations. No job is too small or too large when it comes to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Our customer base continues to grow and our business has seen significant year over year growth.

Our growth is directly attributed to the hard work and dedication of each employee to provide the best possible services to each customer.

For information on how Discount Waste, Inc. can service your needs, please contact us or fill out our request a quote form. We keep adding services for you to make your project smoother and more cost-effective. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Discount Waste we believe companies have a responsibility to address social issues such as poverty, poor health, lack of education and more. We practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and choose to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate children.

Our model for corporate social investment is AC3. All Children deserve a voice. All Communities deserve a future. All Companies need a mission to serve. This straight forward model points the way for like-minded companies to give back to those in need.

Our actions incorporate our company’s values of Compassion, Integrity, Service and Responsibility. These values are reflected in our daily actions, our interactions with customers and those that we seek to help.

Discount Waste supports issues impacting childrens lives in less developed countries with limited welfare services. This year Discount Waste along with All Children, Inc. have supported more than 2,100 children with:

  • Medical Care Children die needlessly when aide and vaccinations are so easily available but not provided
  • Nutrition – Without proper nourishment the body and mind cannot grow and prosper
  • Education The cycle of despair will continue without this opportunity to achieve new heights
  • Shelter – Children abandoned on the streets have no voice and no future

As a teenager Ed Foye, CEO of Discount Waste, survived a life-threatening car accident. He had to learn how to walk, talk and complete basic everyday tasks again. With the support of his family and friends, he made a full recovery. Armed with a new perspective in life, Ed wants to help abandoned children in third world countries have a better quality of life.

Discount Waste proudly supports Change will happen when companies, individuals and nonprofits collaborate to create long-lasting results.