I can call local garbage companies myself, why would I use Discount Waste, Inc. to manage waste services at my different construction sites across the country?

Our customers benefit from reliable and cost effective waste removal and recycling services at locations nationwide. Our customers have a single point of contact for all of their needs and only have to call one contact. No need to source through local phone books or on the web for local haulers and worry whether you have found a reputable hauler. Discount Waste, Inc. provides services NATIONWIDE. We ensure that the containers are delivered on time and serviced as requested. We also ensure that all containers are removed appropriately at the completion of the project.

What is the maximum size open top dumpster I can use to haul dirt, concrete, or masonry type materials?

A 20 – yard open is the maximum size container for these types of materials. Additionally, the open top should be filled to a maximum of 3/4 capacity (approximately 15 yards) to meet the weight limit restrictions. These materials are very heavy and in most cities the maximum weight that can be hauled per DOT (Division of Transportation) regulations is 10 or 12 tons.

I have 100 stores in my retail chain. How can Discount Waste, Inc. manage services for all locations even when our stores are in different states?

Our national presence allows us to negotiate competitive rates and solid reliable services everywhere in the country. We can support retail and commercial customers with multiple locations for services including open top dumpsters, compactor services, recycling services for cardboard, paper, metal, etc. We can help our customers design the best program for these services and help define whether the services should be on a schedule or on an as needed basis.

I’m interested in your services but would like to speak with one or more of your current customers for reference. How do I contact several of your customers?

We are always glad to provide prospective customers with references and contacts. Simply contact Richard Gravely (C.O.O) at 866-584-9961.

What areas of the country do you service?

We provide waste removal and recycling services, portable toilets, storage containers, offices, fencing, etc. nationwide. We can support you wherever your projects take you.

How do we save money using Discount Waste, Inc.?

Time is money. Our process to secure aggressive rates and reliable service is not a 5 minute exercise. We spend hours managing and sourcing new vendors. We take many steps to ensure an order is accurate and serviced as requested – on time every time. Our customers don’t have to spend any more time than it takes to call us with the location information and required services. We take care of the rest – from initial setup through service management and job completion. Time is money and we save our customers vast amounts of it day in and day out. Our rates are competitive in all markets and our customer service, attention to detail and problem resolution is second to none.